Muse spoke to me

Tiergarten. Foto: Ingrid Carlsson

Back in B. Gold-Else says Hello.

Brandenburger Tor. Foto: Ingrid Carlsson

Brandenburger Tor. Almost home…

Berlin. Foto: Ingrid Carlsson

Oh, a profile in the midst of traffic.

You English speaking readers (if there are any) may not have understood much of my earlier texts about Leipzig. I felt like telling this little story in English all the same. Sometimes I ask the Universe for a sign. It may be just about anything, but something that will answer a question I have. At the time of the trip to Leipzig I had been in doubt whether staying in Berlin was the right move for me. I felt insecure and a bit shaky. That is what it’s sometimes like when leaving one’s comfort zone…

Anyway, in the car on our way home I asked the Universe if Berlin was indeed right for me. Then I forgot the question. My friend and driver loves Muse and she was playing their music loud and clear. I don’t know them that well and didn’t really think they were that special. I prefer Radiohead and even Coldplay, but suddenly something caught my attention and these words came through:

Draw another picture
Of the life you could have had
Follow your instincts
And choose the other path*

Yeah, draw a dream picture and choose the other path. Follow your instincts. I get it. Thanks Universe for answering. And thank you Muse. You really have a great name.

* The song is called ”Hoodoo” from the album ”Black Holes & Revelations” by Muse 2006.